Homemade Hydroponics – Why Garden With Hydroponics

Just like plants grown in soil, plants grown using hydroponics need light, oxygen and nutrients. So what makes hydroponics gardening better than normal soil gardening?

With a hydroponic system you can control all of the elements your plants need to thrive and flourish. You can make sure your garden gets everything it needs in the correct proportions. This gives a hydroponics grown garden some very important advantages over a soil garden

Gardens Grown Using Hydroponics Grow Faster

As a general rule, plants grown in a hydroponic system mature more quickly than plants grown in soil. The reason for this is comes down to your control over the essential elements your plants need.

If your system is properly set up the plants are not spending energy looking for the food they need by growing the large and complex root system that soil grown plants need to locate and breakdown food sources. Instead your plants will grow healthy foliage quickly. Studies have shown that most plants grow 30 to 50 per cent faster when grown using hydroponics as opposed to soil grown plants. hydroponics wholesaler

Use Less Water

In a hydroponic garden soil is replaced by water so at first glance it may seem odd that a hydroponic set up will use less water. The reason for this is that a soil-less system uses water much more efficiently.

Water used in a traditional garden is absorbed by the soil, some is used by your plants and most of it is just gone. In a hydroponics garden the water is used over and over again. If there are no leaks in your system then the only water loss, beyond what is used by your plants, is from evaporation.

Use Available Space More Efficiently

In soil gardens you have to give your plants sufficient room to grow the large root mass they need to find a sufficient supply of nutrients. In a hydroponics garden, where your plants can easily get all the food they need the root mass is much smaller. This means plants can be grown much closer together making far more efficient use of the space you have available.

Hydroponics Gardens Provide a Larger Yield

Plants grown using hydroponics not only grow more quickly but they also produce a much larger crop yield than plants grown in soil. Whether it’s lettuce leaves, tomatoes or something more exotic your bound to get much more of it by growing without soil.

Growing with hydroponics has many advantages. The only real downside is that setting up a system can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Setting up a homemade hydroponics system is cheap and easy. You can get all the materials you need from your hardware store.


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