Tourism in Pondicherry – Explore the Grandeur

Beaches of Pondicherry:

Tourism in Pondicherry reigns supreme because of its beaches. Epiphanize your life and mind as you let yourself loose, feel the salty air of the beach and let the pristine waters take over your senses. Sunrise and sunset are divine to experience in these beaches. Lose yourself admiring the glorious sun reach out across the luminous stretch of the sea to the sands where you stand.

Pondy’s world-class Cuisine:

Walk through the apple-pie ordered lanes and European toned buildings and enjoy a pleasant evening in the boulevards of Pondy. The crisp evening breeze with its delicious aroma of Pondicherry is sure to draw you inside the gourmet restaurants of Pondy that host a wide range of authentic and fusion cuisines including South-Indian, French, Italian, Arabian, Chinese and Vietnamese. The Pondicherry tourism department conducts a food festival annually in July, to showcase these cuisines.


Auroville also called the city of Dawn was founded by Mirra Alfassa (known as “The Mother”) to enhance human unity and bring about cosmic peace and interdependent harmony. The golden globe structure of the Matrumandir is a prominent view in the small village. Reawaken your senses in the peace and quiet of the Matrumandir.


Unleash the explorer in you while you visit the fascinating archaeological site of Southern India. Be sure to check off Arikamedu from your list of places to visit in Pondicherry. This was a major trading site between Greek and Rome and intrigues you more at the mention of Augustus Caesar, since whose reign these trading relations had been active. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Gandhi Mandapam:

Gandhi Mandapam, raised in honor of the Father of the Nation shelters the largest statue of Gandhi in Asia. It is surrounded by eight granite pillars, which were brought from Gingee, a fort 70kms from Puducherry. It is amazing to watch the Mahatma’s silhouette bask in the splendid sunset flowing through the sturdy pillars.

Aayi Mandapam:

As the sun rays scatter through the canopy of shady trees onto the velvety flower carpet of Bharathi Park, nestle on the warm park benches to relax and discover the significance of Aayi mandapam. Aayi mandapam is an iconic structure of architectural beauty built by the French King, Napolean III. The beautiful monument fashions a French fleur dde lis flaunting a European magnificence yet retells an Indian story. It stands elegantly speaking for itself the less known story of Aayi, a woman courtesan who destroyed her own home to build a water tank for the people. The story traces back to the King of Krishnadevaraya, ruler of Vijaynagar empire whom we know from Tenali Raman stories.


Stay excited for shopping in Pondy as this town fashions the best of diverse couture and has its markets loaded with the latest trends of accessories and clothes. Lookout for artistic paintings, handmade crafts and exquisite artifacts in the petite crafty shops located along the coastline as well as the French-town’s streets.


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